Tutoring Resource Center

Please note: these listings are provided for the convenience of RHS IB students and should not be construed as a recommendation or an endorsement from RHS or RIBLI.

Armstrong Tutoring
Armstrong provides elite tutoring in the South Tampa area with highly qualified teachers for all subjects, including AP courses, as well as individualized SAT and ACT preparation by our test preparation experts. Our tutors have just the right combination of expert level knowledge, outstanding ability to teach, and great personality.
Contact: Ellen Armstrong, Owner
Armstrong Tutoring, LLC
Phone/Text: (813) 434-0030
Email: info@armstrongtutoring.com
Website: www.ArmstrongTutoring.com

Mrs. Meg Bell
Retired Robinson High School IB English Teacher
Available to tutor in any area of English needed – grades 9-12.
Email – megb0183@gmail.com
Cellphone: 813-210-4366.

Mu Alpha Theta, the math honor society, offers free tutoring to students during the summer and throughout the school year. Click here for more information.