Reading Lists and Summer Assignments

IB Reading List

All books on the list include the ISBN# to ease finding the correct book – just enter this in the search bar.

RHS IB Book List 2018-19

Some books are not required for summer but will be used during the school year as noted in the last column.  Students may opt to purchase these in advance or wait until they are needed during the academic year.

Freshmen Supply List

Note, this is a general list, depending on your student’s schedule, specific teachers may have individual requirements that will be provided at Open House in August 2018 (date TBD).  10th– 12th graders have/will receive supply lists from their teachers.

IB Freshmen General Supply List 18-19

Robinson IB Summer Assignments

Will continue to be updated as Summer Assignments become available.

9th Grade (Class of 2022)

 10th Grade (Class of 2021)

 11th Grade (Class of 2020)

 12th Grade (Class of 2019)