Summer Growth & Learning 2020

Summer is a great time for your teen to expore possible career and academic options through an internship or summer program, experience the growth that travel and volunteering can provide, or develop responsibility through a summer job.  Here are some links to useful resources to help them search for opportunities:

Summer Internships:
This website provides a general listing of internships around the United States, but you can narrow the search by zip code.

This is a website that lists student internships offered by the federal government.  Some are paid, and some are unpaid, and they range from internships doing IT for the US Supreme Court to doing historic preservation at the Dept. of Agriculture, to working at the US Patent Office.  Although these might not apply to our IB students currently, it is a useful website to keep in mind for summers during college.

Summer Pre-College Academic Programs:
This is a website that links to the hundreds of pre-college (academic) programs for high school students held on college campuses across the USA and beyond.  Pre-college programs can be expensive, however most reputable programs offer scholarships.  It’s worth noting: pre-college programs at selective/highly selective universities do not give your student any admission advantange with those universities, other than the experience and knowledge they may gain.   

This is the website for the summer pre-college program at USF.  There are 9 programs for high school students, some are residential and some are 2-day workshops.  There are scholarships, and the prices range from $595 and up.

Math-oriented summer camps are listed at this comprehensive website.

A blog from 2019 with a the list of links to free or low-cost programs ideas.

Summer Travel/Volunteer Programs:
There are many programs that will expose your student to cultures and experiences that they would never have access to in Florida.  This listing is NOT an endorsement of any of these programs.  I found these programs through searching through websites and hearing from people who have children who have attended some of them:

Rustic Pathways

Global Leadership Adventures

Walking Tree Travel Summer Program

Language Immersion Programs:
This is the website for EF Tours, an organization that is highly regarded and used by Girl Scouts and lots of schools to organize academically oriented travel for students.  They have a variety of language immersion programs, service learning programs, and others.

This link will offer options to search for language immersion programs for teens, as well as additional links for other types of summer programs.