AP & IB Senior Exams Schedule 2019

All students enrolled in an Advanced Placement Course (ex: Us History, European History, Micro/Macro Economics), or those that signed up for an optional session, will sit for their scheduled AP exam on the national date assigned in May.  

While our IB Seniors’ last day on Robinson’s campus is May 1st, they will sit for all of their required IB Examinations at St. Patrick, and any AP Exams they have requested to take.  

During the final exam week, students that arrive on campus, but are not taking a final should report to their regular class for a quiet study hall and supervision.  All final exams given at the end of the year outside of an EOC will count as 25% toward the students’ overall semester grade. 

IB and AP exams 2019 Schedule

Students enrolled in the classes listed below are required to take an End of Course (EOC) Assessment.  This EOC assessment will count as the final exam grade for this course and will be weighted as 30% of the student’s course grade, as per state statute.  EOC exams cannot be exempted.  EOC exams are scheduled in a specific window of time, and students will be informed of the date and time during which they will test through their classes.

  • Geometry Honors (10th graders)
  • Pre-IB Biology (9th graders)
  • US History (our 11th graders enrolled in APUSH)

Students who currently have an Individual Education Plan (IEP) may be eligible for a waiver relative to the EOC assessments.  The student’s IEP team will address a possible waiver if applicable.  If you have additional questions, please do not hesitate to contact your student’s Exceptional Student Education (ESE) case manager.