FAFSA Resources

The FAFSA is Free Application for Federal Student Aid.

The FAFSA form can determine a student’s eligibility for grants and aid for all income levels. It is also determines eligibility for work-study and federal subsidized and unsubsidized loans, which can be very affordable alternatives to other types of loans. The maximum Federal grant award, known as the Pell Grant, for the 2021-22 school year is $6,345 and doesn’t need to be paid back.  Access to the Pell Grant, work-study, and loans aren’t the only reasons to fill out the FAFSA. Information submitted on the FAFSA can qualify students for other nonfederal grants–from state governments, private entities, as well as colleges, that may be available to students from higher-income households. In fact, many colleges and universities require applicants to complete a the FAFSA for students to be considered for their institutional scholarships.

Learn more about the FAFSA and how to complete it:

Filling Out The FAFSA

How To Review & Correct Your FAFSA

Complete your FAFSA at StudentAid.gov

Download these flyers for links to some very helpful videos created Robinson’s own Cube Volunteers!