Get IB Text Updates

All students should register to receive Remind 101 text info for their class. If you are not currently receiving Remind 101 messages, please send a text to the number below with the appropriate class year.  Please note the Remind system will only allow a limited number of opt-ins per Remind “class”, therefore it is very important that ONLY students opt-in to receive the Student texts (parents please DO NOT opt-in to receive the student messages). Parents may receive the same information by signing up for the Parent Remind. Please, ONLY ONE parent per household should opt-in to the parent message so that all families may receive these texts. 

To receive the Remind messages: 1) start a new text message; 2) type 81010 in the To: field; type the code listed below in the Message field.  

   Student Opt-inParent Opt-in
ONLY 1 Parent per
household please!
Class of 2020  @2020rhsib@2020rhsibp
Class of 2021  @2021rhsib@2021rhsibp
Class of 2022  @2022rhsib@2022rhsibp
Class of 2023  @2023rhsib@2023rhsibp