Other News Sources

RIBLI Emails:

RIBLI News – Sent by RIBLI to all subscribers. We will send weekly during the school year as long as there is news to share. Information in these newsletters is primarily IB specific and comes from both the IB administration and the RIBLI board. Click here to register.

In addition to the weekly RIBLI enews, some special editions may occassionaly be sent to subscribers, such as IB Senior event updates.

Social Media:

RHS IB on Twitter – Our IB administration maintains a Twitter account: RHS IB. Please note: no essential information is communicated via social media.


Hillsborough County School District, RHS, and our RHS IB administration will, from time to time, send important automated phone messages to the phone number associated with your students’ file.

Other Suggested Newsletters:

Knightly News – This is an email sent monthly by the RHS PTSA and is a great source of information for all families. You will be registered to receive this email based on your email address on file with your students’ records.

The PTSA also maintains a Facebook page: Robinson High PTSA.

Other Useful Websites:
Robinson High School Website
Robinson High School PTSA
Robinson High School Foundation
IB Magnet Home Page