IB Class of ’21 Deadlines

EE & TOK Deadlines
October 9: EE Rough Draft Meeting
October 12-13: Scaffolding Planning Doc and TKPPF*1
October 23: EE final draft
October 30: Viva Voce
November 20: TOK Essay Rough Draft and TKPPF 2
December 7: TOK Presentations
January 7: TOK Essay Final Draft and TKPPF 3
*TKPPF= Theory of Knowledge Planning and Progress Form

Art Deadlines
IA: Art exhibition 3/26
Exam Upload April 5th-10th
Process Portfolio due: 3/5
CS past due now

English Deadlines
November 20 HL Essay drafts due and Individual Oral outlines
December 18 HL Final drafts due
January 29 All Individual Oral recordings completed

SL Biology Deadlines
September 28 IA proposal due
October 31 Background & Methods due
November 20 Data Analysis due
December 18 Full Draft due
January 31 Revisions/Final Submission due

HL Biology Deadlines
More information to come in the 2nd Quarter

HL and SL Psychology Deadlines
Rough drafts – Friday 10/2 (I am being very flexible however)
Final draft – tentatively 11-20. I may move that back if I cannot get the rough draft feedback finished by the end of October.

HL and SL History Deadlines
IA Investigation Due Nov 3rd (A Day)/4th (B Day)
IA Evaluation & Reflection Due Dec 3rd (A Day)/4th (B Day)

HL Math Deadlines
December 11 IA Final Draft due

SL Math Apps Deadlines
IAs are completed in Q3. More info to come.

SL Math Deadlines
IA edits should be completed by the end of the quarter

HL and SL Physics Deadlines
Information regarding IAs will go out 2nd 9 weeks.

HL and SL Chemistry Deadlines
More information to come

Feb. 20th to March 5th