IB-Specific Scholarships

This list comes from the Official World IB website:

16 University Scholarships to Share with IB Students

as of March 25, 2015

Finally finished with those university applications? Check out these 16 scholarship opportunities, from across six different countries, for IB students to see if any of your top choice schools are offerings awards.

Planning ahead for next year? Check back periodically for up to date scholarship listings through the year.


  1. The University of Alberta is awarding scholarships for 50 IB Diploma holders from Alberta, entering school in the autumn of 2015. The University of Alberta does not require a scholarship application to be considered, but students must submit their IB exam scores to the university registrar by 1 August 2015 to be considered.


  1. The Singaporean Ministry of Trade and Industry (MTI) is awarding scholarships to Singaporean nationals and permanent residents planning to begin an undergraduate education in Economics. Scholarships will be awarded to students seeking their economics degrees from top universities in Singapore, the United Kingdom, or the United States. The Ministry of Trade and Industry deadline for applications for the 2015 round of scholarships is 10 days following the release of “A” Level results in March 2015.


  1. The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, considers all Diploma holders and candidates for the University entrance Scholarship. Based on exam scores, the award ranges from around HK $10,000 to HK $40,000 (approximately $1000 USD – $5000 USD). No application is required for consideration.


  1. IE University, in Segovia, Spain is awarding four scholarships to IB diploma holders valued at 75% of the cost of tuition. Three of these scholarships are awarded to applicants based in one of three distinct geographic regions, while the fourth is reserved for a student demonstrating financial need.


  1. City University London is awarding merit-based scholarships to outstanding undergraduate freshmen. The Lord Mayor of London Scholarship for Academic Excellence is an award given to outstanding UK and EU incoming freshmen. The value of the scholarships awarded will be based on academic performance and course of study but are valued between £500-£3,000/year.
  2. The University of Reading, in the United Kingdom is offering tuition scholarships for new international undergraduate students with excellent results in the International Baccalaureate. The scholarships are available to students pursing any subject. To be considered, students must hold an admissions offer at the University of Reading. To apply, send a nomination letter from the school/college (at which you are studying for the International Baccalaureate) to the Student Financial Support office outlining your academic and extra-curricular achievements. Applications should be submitted by 29 May 2015.
  3. University of Kent’s academic excellence scholarship offers IBDP students with a combined score of 35 or higher, eligibility for a scholarships of up to £2,000 per year. UK, EU and international applicants beginning their first year of study at University of Kent’s Canterbury or Medway campus are eligible.
  4. The University of Liverpool is providing international students from non-European Union countries the International Baccalaureate Award. Applicants with IB scores totaling 36 or higher in the full IB Diploma will be considered for the £2,500 award.
  5. University of Essex offers consideration to IB students for the International Baccalaureate Excellence Scholarship and is valued at £2,000 for the first year of study. No additional application is required for consideration.
  6. University of Sheffield is providing IB Diploma holders the International Baccalaureate Merit Undergraduate Scholarship. Applicants must be awarded a place to study before being considered for a scholarship. The scholarship is valued at a 50% fee reduction in the cost of tuition. To be considered for the scholarship, students must submit an application for admission at the University of Sheffield by 17 April 2015.


  1. Missouri State University IB Graduates may be eligible for merit-based financial aid. Students applying for admission by mid-January and receiving their IB Diploma will qualify for the Missouri State University Board of Governors scholarship of $5,000 per year ($20,000 over four years). In addition, Missouri State University awards course credits for the completion of IB courses.
  2. Southern Methodist University IB Graduates may be eligible for merit-based financial aid based on their exam score. Upon receipt of your exam results, Southern Methodist University will award varying amounts of financial assistance. Award Amounts: 30-34 $4,000, 35-39 $8,000, 40 and above $12,000. Awards can be combined with other scholarship and grant aid up to the value of tuition.
  3. Worcester Polytechnic Institute will award select IB graduates with an exam score of 40 or greater a minimum of a $20,000 merit scholarship. No additional application is required for consideration.
  4. Northern Arizona University IB Graduates who achieve a minimum score of 24 may be eligible for a $5,000 renewable scholarship through the President’s IB Scholarship.
  5. University of Nebraska-Lincoln offers out of state IB Diploma recipients an opportunity to receive up to $50,000 in scholarships. In addition, all IB Diploma candidates that submit an Informal Personal Statement are eligible for the $1,000 non-renewable IB Nebraska Legends Scholarship.
  6. Western Oregon University IB Diploma recipients with a score of 30 or higher receive both Guaranteed Admission to WOU and the Provost’s Achievement Scholarship, a renewable four-year award of $2,500 per year. Students are required to submit ACT (including writing) or SAT scores for placement purposes.
  7. The University of Rochester will award select IB Diploma graduates with its International Baccalaureate (IB) Scholarship. A minimum score of 5 on higher level examinations allows students to receive course credit.

Other universities in Florida that offer IB-specific scholarships:

  • University of Tampa – up to $1000 per year
  • Florida Atlantic University Honors College – up to $6000 per year