Student Financial Assistance from RIBLI

RIBLI’s mission is to ensure the success of the IB program and its students. Students cannot be successful when they can’t afford to buy the books and supplies needed for class. They also cannot be successful when they can’t afford to participate in activities.

At Robinson IB, a student or parent can easily ask for help in any of the following ways:

1. A student can ask IB Admin or Guidance (Mr. Johnson, Mrs. George, or Mrs. Sallis)  for what they need. No forms to fill out. Just ask!

2. Students can submit a written request for needed items and place it in the box labeled “Student Requests” that is located inside the IB office on the small table immediately inside the door. The student can simply write their name and what they need on any piece of paper, and place the paper in the box without having a conversation with anyone. The item will be delivered to the student promptly without discussion.

3. Students and parents can also click here to send a confidential email with a request.

If you know someone who needs help, please tell them that help is available from RIBLI. Please also emphasize to your children to be sensitive when a person reaches out for help, and remind them that a person’s value lies in what they do and not in what they, or their parents, can buy.